Landauer project consortium meeting held in Delft

Delft, 6-7 March 2014

The Landauer project held a consortium meeting in Delft (NL) on March 6-7.

During the meeting the various partners of the project have presented the state of the research in the workpackages under their responsibility, according to the following agenda:


Mar. 6 2014

15:00     Status of the project (coordinator)

15:10     WP1 Logic switch: classical and quantum modeling (Y. Omar)

15:30     WP2 Noisy computing (I. Neri)                       

15:50     WP3 Nanomagnetic switches (M. Madami)

16:10     WP4 Nanomechanical switches (W. Venstra)

16:30     WP5 Nanoelectronic stochastic logic gates(F. Hartmann)

16:50     coffee break

17:10     WP6 Comm., exploitation and dissemination (L. Gammaitoni)

17:20     WP7 Management (L. Gammaitoni)

17:30     board meeting                                     

19:00    end of day 1                                               


Mar. 7 2014  

9:00       Theoretical study of bit-switching and bit-resetting, D. Chiuchiù

9:50       Parametric oscillations and noise squeezing in few-layer MoS2 resonators, W. Venstra

10.40     coffee break

11:00     Memory devices with positioned and site-controlled quantum dots: From floating gate to memristive operation mode, F. Hartmann

11:50     Quantum modeling of a switch, Y. Omar

12.40     lunch

15:00     lab tour

end of day 2