Result of the first review of project LANDAUER

After the first year the project LANDAUER has been evaluate with a positive appreciations consisting in:

Excellent progress (the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations).

Major achievements. The teams have:

  1. Developed a protocol for a switch event with zero dissipation in bistable stochastic systems. 
  2. Used this procedure to model potential energy saving in a 16 bit comparator. 
  3. Simulated sorting algorithms using a network of logic gates that have error, which leads to less dissipated heat. 
  4. Developed nanomechanical switches using a new switching effect based on results in a Nature Communications publication (2013) using nonlinearity and fluctuations. 
  5. Manufactured a new electronic waveguide switch (Y-branch). 
  6. Disseminated a number of activities including the conference Nanoenergy 2013 in Perugia, Italy, attended by in excess of 100 participants. 
  7. Worked on 18 tasks, 6 concluded in Y1. 9 deliverables on time, 5 scientific reports, 2 newsletters and 1 summer school, and 10 scientific articles, 4 project meetings.