LANDAUER Kick-off meeting held in Lisbon

Sept. 27-28, 2012 - The LANDAUER consortium helds the first (kick-off) meeting in Lisbon on September 27-28th, 2012.
The meeting have seen the participation of representatives from each of the five scientific groups component of the LANDAUER consortium.
The agenda of the meeting was the following:
Sept. 27 2012
15.00     Introduction (coordinator)                                             audience: all
15.10     group presentation (UNIPG-NiPS)                                 audience: all
15.30     group presentation (UNIPG-GHOST)                             audience: all
15.50     group presentation (UNI WUE)                                     audience: all
16.10     group presentation (IT)                                                  audience: all
16.30     group presentation (TUD)                                              audience: all
16.50     coffee break                                                                      
17.10     financial issues, doc. templates (S. Lombardi)         audience: board + mst*
17.30     board meeting                                                                 audience: board      
Sept. 28 2012 audience: all
09:00     work for the first term (coordinator)                           
09:30     Dynamical interplay of coherence and decoherence for enhanced quantum transport (Masoud Mohseni)                                       
10:00     Magnetic properties of systems at the micro- and nano-scale (Giovanni Carlotti)
10.30     coffee break                                                                      
11:00   Stochastic resonance in ultrafloppy microcantilevers' (Warner Venstra)
11:30   Energy-information relation in classical and quantum systems (Mafalda Almeida)
12:00   Universal and reconfigurable logic gate switching in resonant tunneling diode (Fabian Hartmann)
More photos of the event here