F. Hartmann at the Compound Semiconductor Week

The results recently published in PRL 114, 146805 (2015) will be presened by F. Hartmann with a poster titled "Rectification of Voltage Fluctuations and Logical Stochastic Resonance with Coulomb-coupled Quantum Dots" at the Compound Semiconductor Week which will be held from June 28 to July 02 in Santa Barbara, USA. For a complete description of the event visit the page

Landauer at Nanotechweb

The community website from IOP Publishing has chosen the review on the physical limits in computation processes produced within the Landauer Project for a Lab talk article. For further readings, visit the Nanotech web page ( ) and/or the open-access review ( )

NiPS Summer School 2015

As part of the Landauer Project, the Noise in Physical System Laboratory is glad to announce the sixth edition of NiPS Summer School devoted to "ICT-Energy: Energy consumption in future ICT devices". The school, supported by European Commission under the FET Proactive Coordination Action ICT-Energy ( ), is open to graduate students, post-docs, young researchers, and in general to all scientists interested in the physical foundations and practical applications of energy management in computing processes. The school is aimed at teaching the bases of the science of efficient...

Towards zero-power ICT

Is it possible to operate a computing device with zero energy expenditure? This question is the heart of the Landauer project but answers are still subject of an ongoing debate. Recently, the two Landauer partners from Perugia have published a review in Nanotechnology 26 22 222001, where technological and theoretical aspects of bit switching are discussed. In the article it is shown, as a proof of concept, that switching a single bit of information can be performed with arbitrarily small energy expenditure and it is discussed the connection between this result and the well known Landauer...

Voltage Fluctuation to Current Converter with Coulomb-Coupled Quantum Dots

We are pleased to announce that the latest publication from Landauer Würzburg group has been chosen as an editor suggestion for the Volume 114 - Issue 14 of Physical Review Letters. The work performed by the Würzburg partners is the first experimental realization of a thermal energy harvester firstly proposed by Sánchez and Büttiker and opens new possibilities in developing nanoscale energy harvesters. For more details, visit the two links below. PRL Publication - Voltage Fluctuation to Current Converter with Coulomb-Coupled Quantum Dots F. Hartmann, P. Pfeffer, S. Höfling, M. Kamp, and L...

Landauer and ICT-Energy

Thanks to the recent publication of the article "Why is my computer heating up so much?" in the Digital Agenda for Europe, we wish to remember that Landauer Project is part of the broader Coordination Action (CA) "ICT-Energy". The aim of the mentioned CA is to create a broad community able to discuss on a common ground many different aspects of the Information and Communication Technology, ranging from the fundamental physical processes involved in computation to the development of energy-aware software. Link to "Why is my computer heating up so much?":