Conference presentations

Titlesort descending Authors Conference name Contribution Date
Micro/Nano sensors for bio-chemical applications: Integration challenges and opportunities P.M. Sarro; W.J. Venstra; T.Y.S. Moh; A. Purniawan; G. Pandraud. 10th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing NMC 2013 (Standford/USA) Invited Talk 1/05/13
Micromagnetic study of minimum energy dissipation during Landauer erasure of either isolated or coupled nanomagnetic switches M. Madami INTERMAG 2014 Conference (Dresden(Germany) Poster 4/05/14
Minimising the heat dissipation of information erasure M. H. Mohammady; M. Mohseni; Y. Omar Randomness in Quantum Physics and Beyond, Barcelona Poster 4/05/15
Minimising the heat dissipation of maximal information erasure M. H. Mohammady; M. Mohseni; Y. Omar Second Quantum Thermodynamics Conf. - QTD2, Palma de Mallorca Poster 19/04/15
Nano-electronic stochastic logic gates F. Hartmann NiPS Summer School 2014 "ICT-Energy: Energy management at micro and nanoscales for future ICT" Invited Talk 14/07/14
Nanomechanical switches for low-power ICT W.J. Venstra ICT Energy 2014 (Barcellona/Spain) Talk 22/04/14
NEMS memory bit at Landauer limit I. Neri, D. Chiuchiù, M. Lopez-Suarez, L. Gammaitoni Second ICT-Energy International Doctoral Symposium Talk 16/09/15
NEMS resonators: characterization in frequency, time and spatial domains, and application as nonlinear sensors. W. J. Venstra CEA – LETI CEA. Grenoble Talk 1/04/15
Noise and Nonlinearity in micro- and nanoscale mechanical resonators W.J. Venstra Invited seminar at European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) (Florence/Italy) Invited Talk 4/07/13
Noise-enabled measurements with micromechanical resonators W.J. Venstra ECTM Spring Meeting  DIMES, Delft University of Technology Invited Talk 20/03/13