Conference presentations

Title Authors Conference namesort descending Contribution Date
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer principle D. Chiuchiù; M. C. Diamantini; and L. Gammaitoni Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics 2015 Poster 27/07/15
Charging dynamics of a floating gate transistor with site-controlled quantum dots P. Maier German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
Voltage fluctuation to current converter with coupled quantum dots P. Pfeffer German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
On the Photocurrent-Voltage Relations of Resonant Tunneling Photodetectors A. Pfenning German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
Resonant cavity enhanced telecommunication wavelength light detection by resonant tunneling A. Pfenning; F. Hartmann; F. Langer; D. Bisping; S. Höfling; M. Kamp; A. Forchel; L. Worschech German physical society spring meeting, Regensburg (Germany) Talk 10/03/13
Pressure Sensors from Suspended Graphene R.J. Dolleman; D. Davidovkj; S.J. Cartamil-Bueno; W.J. Venstra; R. van Leeuwen; H.S.J. van der Zant; P.G. Steeneken Graphene Flagship – Graphene Week 2015 Poster 22/06/15
Theoretical limits to heat dissipation in nanoscale switches L. Gammaitoni Heat transfer at small scales - Zaragoza (Spain) Invited Talk 14/10/13
Nanomechanical switches for low-power ICT W.J. Venstra ICT Energy 2014 (Barcellona/Spain) Talk 22/04/14
Theoretical study of bit-switching and bit-resetting D. Chiuchiù; L. Gammaitoni; M.Madami; G.Carlotti ICT-Energy Community Workshop Talk 23/04/14
Fluctuations energy harvesting: from macro to nano L. Gammaitoni In the Quest for Zero Power: Enabling Smart Autonomous System Applications (ESSDERC) - Bucarest (Romania) Invited Talk 16/09/13