Conference presentations

Titlesort descending Authors Conference name Contribution Date
Power-Clock Generator Impact on the Performance of NEM-Based Quasi-Adiabatic Logic Circuits Samer Houri; Gerard Billiot; Marc Belleville; Alexandre Valentian; Herve Fanet 7th Conference on Reversible Computation Talk 16/07/15
Pressure Sensors from Suspended Graphene R.J. Dolleman; D. Davidovkj; S.J. Cartamil-Bueno; W.J. Venstra; R. van Leeuwen; H.S.J. van der Zant; P.G. Steeneken Graphene Flagship – Graphene Week 2015 Poster 22/06/15
Probing the motion of nanoresonators from 2-dimensional materials in frequency, time and spatial domains W. J. Venstra Institut NEEL - Groupe Ultra-Basses Températures CNRS Grenoble Invited Talk 31/03/15
Rectification of Voltage Fluctuations and Logical Stochastic Resonance with Coulomb-coupled Quantum Dots F. Hartmann Compound Semiconductor Week 2015 Poster 28/06/15
Robustness of spatial quantum search S. Chakraborty; Y. Omar Spanish Quantum Information conference, Bilbao Poster 1/06/15
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer Principle D. Chiuchiù; C. Diamantini; L. Gammaitoni Luxembourg out of Equilibrium Poster 12/01/15
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer principle D. Chiuchiù; M. C. Diamantini; and L. Gammaitoni Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics 2015 Poster 27/07/15
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer Principle D. Chiuchiù NiPS Summer School 2014 Talk 14/07/14
Selective detection of vapours with nonlinear resonant microcantilevers. W.J. Venstra; M.J. Capener; S.R. Elliott ENOC 2014 - 8th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (Vienna/Austria) Talk 6/07/14
Sensing with nonlinear mechanical resonators: From silicon cantilevers towards 2-D crystals R. van Leeuwen; A. Castellanos-Gomez; M. J. Capener; S.R. Elliot; M. Buscema; H.S.J. van der Zant; W.J. Venstra NanoNEXT Theme Day: Beyond Moore (Utrecht, The Netherlands) Poster 18/03/14