Conference presentations

Title Authors Conference name Contribution Datesort ascending
Few-layer MoS2 mechanical resonators R. van Leeuwen; A. Castellanos-Gomez; G.A. Steele; H.S.J. van der Zant; W.J. Venstra FOM Physics 2014 (Veldhoven- The Netherlands) Poster 21/01/14
“Exchange-dominated eigenmodes in sub-100 nm permalloy dots: a micromagnetic study at finite temperature” G. Carlotti 57th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference (MMM2013) (Denver/USA) Talk 3/11/13
Operating basic switches toward zero-power computing L. Gammaitoni Berkeley Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems - Berkeley (USA) Invited Talk 28/10/13
Theoretical limits to heat dissipation in nanoscale switches L. Gammaitoni Heat transfer at small scales - Zaragoza (Spain) Invited Talk 14/10/13
A simple ranging technique based on received signal strength measurements in a narrowband 2.4 GHz channel: a space diversity approach I. Neri; R. Centonze; M. L. Fravolini; A. Moschitta 2nd IEEE International Workshop, M&N Talk 7/10/13
Fluctuations energy harvesting: from macro to nano L. Gammaitoni In the Quest for Zero Power: Enabling Smart Autonomous System Applications (ESSDERC) - Bucarest (Romania) Invited Talk 16/09/13
Magnetization reversal in nanomagnetic switches: energy dissipation and spin dynamics G. Carlotti; G. Gubbiotti; M. Madami; S. Tacchi FisMat 2013, Milan (Italy) Invited Talk 9/09/13
«Magnetization reversal in nanomagnetic switches: energy dissipation and spin dynamics» G. Carlotti National Conference on the Physics of Matter (FisMat 2013) (Milan/Italy) Invited Talk 9/09/13
“Spin dynamics and energy dissipation during fast magnetization reversa: from micro- to nano-magnetic switches” M. Madami Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS-2013) (Rhodes/Greece) Poster 25/08/13
Sorting with uncertainty: Trading accuracy with energy saving I. Neri; W. Didimo; E. Di Giacomo; L. Gammaitoni; G. Liotta NANOENERGY2013 Talk 10/07/13