Conference presentations

Title Authors Conference name Contributionsort descending Date
Cavity enhanced light detection by resonant tunneling at telecommunication wavelengths F. Hartmann; A. Pfenning; F. Langer; D. Bisping; S. Höfling; M. Kamp; A. Forchel; L. Worschech 16th Brasilian workshop on semiconductor physics, Sao Carlos (Brazil) Talk 5/05/13
Noisy dynamics in nanoelectrical systems L. Worschech; F. Hartmann; P. Maier; A. Pfenning NiPS Summer School 2013 "Energy management at micro and nanoscales" Talk 8/07/13
Landauer bound for analog systems M. C. Diamantini; L. Gammaitoni Workshop strongly coupled field theories for condensed matter and quantum information theory Talk 17/08/15
Power-Clock Generator Impact on the Performance of NEM-Based Quasi-Adiabatic Logic Circuits Samer Houri; Gerard Billiot; Marc Belleville; Alexandre Valentian; Herve Fanet 7th Conference on Reversible Computation Talk 16/07/15
“Exchange-dominated eigenmodes in sub-100 nm permalloy dots: a micromagnetic study at finite temperature” G. Carlotti 57th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference (MMM2013) (Denver/USA) Talk 3/11/13
Conversion of mechanical noise into useful electrical energy using piezoelectric 2D materials G. Abadal; F. Torres; M. López-Suárez; L. Gammaitoni; W.J. Venstra; R. Rurali 7th International Conference on Unsolved Problems on Noise Talk 13/07/15
Environment-assisted quantum transport in disordered graphs L. Novo; M. Mohseni; Y. Omar MECO38: 38th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics - Trieste (Italy) Talk 25/03/13
Application prospects and challenges for sensors based on 2D materials Peter Steeneken; Santiago Cartamil-Bueno; Dejan Davidovikj; Robin Dolleman; Ronald van Leeuwen; Warner Venstra; Gary Steele; Herre van der Zant. FOM Physics 2014 Talk 21/01/14
Dynamics of ultrathin molybdenum disulfide drum resonators Ronald van Leeuwen;L Gary Steele; Warner Venstra; Herre van der Zant FOM Physics 2014 Talk 21/01/14
"Quantum devices for noise-induced switching, signal detection and energy harvesting" F. Hartmann Seminar at the department of physics-Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Talk 5/07/14