Conference presentations

Titlesort descending Authors Conference name Contribution Date
Dynamics of ultrathin molybdenum disulfide drum resonators Ronald van Leeuwen;L Gary Steele; Warner Venstra; Herre van der Zant FOM Physics 2014 Talk 21/01/14
Electro-photo-sensitive memristor for neuromorphic P. Maier cfaed Summer School: Dresden Microelectronics Academy Poster 14/09/15
Energy dissipation during Landauer erasure in sub-micrometric permalloy switches: magneto-optical measurements vs micromagnetic simulations L. Martini; M. Pancaldi; M. Madami; P. Vavassori; G. Carlotti; G. Gubbiotti; S. Tacchi; F. Hartmann; M. Emmerling; M. Kamp; L. Worschech 20th International Conference on Magnetism Poster 5/07/15
Energy for Networked autonomous devices I. Neri NiPS Summer School 2014 Invited Talk 14/07/14
Energy Harvesting in Nanoelectronic Devices F. Hartmann; M. Kamp; S. Höfling; L. Worschech Trends in NanoApplications Conference (TNA) - IMAGINENANO 2013, Bilbao (Spain) Invited Talk 23/04/13
Energy saving for logic switches operating at extreme low voltage conditions F. Orfei, L. Gammaitoni Second ICT-Energy International Doctoral Symposium Talk 16/09/15
Environment-assisted quantum transport in disordered graphs L. Novo; M. Mohseni; Y. Omar MECO38: 38th Conference of the Middle European Cooperation in Statistical Physics - Trieste (Italy) Talk 25/03/13
Evolution of the eigenmodes spectrum of elliptical nanodots with reducing the lateral size from the micrometric to the nanometric range G. Carlotti European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators (EMSA-2014) (Vien/Austria) Poster 6/07/14
Few-layer MoS2 mechanical resonators R. van Leeuwen; A. Castellanos-Gomez; G.A. Steele; H.S.J. van der Zant; W.J. Venstra FOM Physics 2014 (Veldhoven- The Netherlands) Poster 21/01/14
Fluctuations energy harvesting: from macro to nano L. Gammaitoni In the Quest for Zero Power: Enabling Smart Autonomous System Applications (ESSDERC) - Bucarest (Romania) Invited Talk 16/09/13