Conference presentations

Title Authors Conference name Contributionsort descending Date
Dissipation and feedback cooling of ultrathin graphene and MoS2 nanomechanical resonators R. Van Leeuwen; G. Steele; W. Venstra; H. van der Zant APS March meeting 2015 Talk 2/03/15
NEMS resonators: characterization in frequency, time and spatial domains, and application as nonlinear sensors. W. J. Venstra CEA – LETI CEA. Grenoble Talk 1/04/15
Digital cantilever sensors. W.J. Venstra; H.J.R. Westra; H.S.J. van der Zant. 10th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing NMC 2013 (Standford/USA) Talk 1/05/13
Sorting with uncertainty: Trading accuracy with energy saving I. Neri; W. Didimo; E. Di Giacomo; L. Gammaitoni; G. Liotta NANOENERGY2013 Talk 10/07/13
A simple ranging technique based on received signal strength measurements in a narrowband 2.4 GHz channel: a space diversity approach I. Neri; R. Centonze; M. L. Fravolini; A. Moschitta 2nd IEEE International Workshop, M&N Talk 7/10/13
Noise-enhanced measurements with a bistable micro-cantilever resonator W.J. Venstra NANOENERGY2013 (Perugia/Italy) Talk 10/07/13