Conference presentations

Title Authors Conference name Contribution Datesort ascending
Minimising the heat dissipation of maximal information erasure M. H. Mohammady; M. Mohseni; Y. Omar Second Quantum Thermodynamics Conf. - QTD2, Palma de Mallorca Poster 19/04/15
NEMS resonators: characterization in frequency, time and spatial domains, and application as nonlinear sensors. W. J. Venstra CEA – LETI CEA. Grenoble Talk 1/04/15
Probing the motion of nanoresonators from 2-dimensional materials in frequency, time and spatial domains W. J. Venstra Institut NEEL - Groupe Ultra-Basses Températures CNRS Grenoble Invited Talk 31/03/15
On the Photocurrent-Voltage Relations of Resonant Tunneling Photodetectors A. Pfenning German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
Charging dynamics of a floating gate transistor with site-controlled quantum dots P. Maier German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
Voltage fluctuation to current converter with coupled quantum dots P. Pfeffer German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
Dissipation and feedback cooling of ultrathin graphene and MoS2 nanomechanical resonators R. Van Leeuwen; G. Steele; W. Venstra; H. van der Zant APS March meeting 2015 Talk 2/03/15
Generalized Landauer Bound as Universal Thermodynamic Entropy in Continuous Phase Transitions C. Diamantini Luxembourg out of Equilibrium Talk 12/01/15
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer Principle D. Chiuchiù; C. Diamantini; L. Gammaitoni Luxembourg out of Equilibrium Poster 12/01/15
Micro-focused Brillouin light scattering study of the magnetic eigenmodes excited by Spin Hall effect in a transversely magnetized NiFe nanowire M. Madami 59th Annual Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) Conference Talk 3/11/14