Conference presentations

Titlesort ascending Authors Conference name Contribution Date
Charging dynamics of a floating gate transistor with site-controlled quantum dots P. Maier German physical society spring meeting Talk 15/03/15
Cavity-enhanced AlGaAs/GaAs resonant tunneling photodetectors for telecommunication wavelength light detection at 1.3 μm A. Pfenning Spie - Optics and Photonics Talk 28/08/15
Cavity enhanced light detection by resonant tunneling at telecommunication wavelengths F. Hartmann; A. Pfenning; F. Langer; D. Bisping; S. Höfling; M. Kamp; A. Forchel; L. Worschech 16th Brasilian workshop on semiconductor physics, Sao Carlos (Brazil) Talk 5/05/13
Application prospects and challenges for sensors based on 2D materials Peter Steeneken; Santiago Cartamil-Bueno; Dejan Davidovikj; Robin Dolleman; Ronald van Leeuwen; Warner Venstra; Gary Steele; Herre van der Zant. FOM Physics 2014 Talk 21/01/14
A simple ranging technique based on received signal strength measurements in a narrowband 2.4 GHz channel: a space diversity approach I. Neri; R. Centonze; M. L. Fravolini; A. Moschitta 2nd IEEE International Workshop, M&N Talk 7/10/13
"Rectification of voltage fluctuations via coupled quantum dots" P. Pfeffer NiPS Summer School 2014 "ICT-Energy: Energy management at micro and nanoscales for future ICT" Poster 14/07/14
"Quantum devices for noise-induced switching, signal detection and energy harvesting" F. Hartmann Seminar at the department of physics-Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Talk 5/07/14
"Propagating spin waves excited by spin-transfer-torque in nanocontact oscillators with tilted magnetization: a combined electrical and Brillouin light scattering study" M. Madami INTERMAG 2014 Conference (Dresden(Germany) Poster 4/05/14
"Photocurrent–Voltage Relations of Resonant Tunneling Photodetectors" A. Pfenning NiPS Summer School 2014 "ICT-Energy: Energy management at micro and nanoscales for future ICT" Talk 14/07/14
"Energy harvesting by rectification of fluctuations in Coulomb-coupled quantum dots" F. Hartmann International Conference on Light-Matter Coupling in composite Nano-Structures, Invited Talk 24/08/14