Conference presentations

Titlesort ascending Authors Conference name Contribution Date
Time-dependent study of bit reset D. Chiuchiù NiPS Summer School 2015 Poster 7/07/15
Theoretical study of bit-switching and bit-resetting D. Chiuchiù; L. Gammaitoni; M.Madami; G.Carlotti ICT-Energy Community Workshop Talk 23/04/14
Theoretical limits to heat dissipation in nanoscale switches L. Gammaitoni Heat transfer at small scales - Zaragoza (Spain) Invited Talk 14/10/13
Suspended 2D membranes as pressure sensors D. Davidovikj; R. Dolleman; S. Cartamil-Bueno; W. Venstra; R. van Leeuwen; G. Steele; H. van der Zant; P. Steeneken FOM Physics 2014 Poster 21/01/14
Spin wave dispersion in Nife antodot array with alternating holes diameter M. Madami Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS-2013) (Rhodes/Greece) Poster 25/08/14
Sorting with uncertainty: Trading accuracy with energy saving I. Neri; W. Didimo; E. Di Giacomo; L. Gammaitoni; G. Liotta NANOENERGY2013 Talk 10/07/13
Sensing with nonlinear mechanical resonators: From silicon cantilevers towards 2-D crystals R. van Leeuwen; A. Castellanos-Gomez; M. J. Capener; S.R. Elliot; M. Buscema; H.S.J. van der Zant; W.J. Venstra NanoNEXT Theme Day: Beyond Moore (Utrecht, The Netherlands) Poster 18/03/14
Selective detection of vapours with nonlinear resonant microcantilevers. W.J. Venstra; M.J. Capener; S.R. Elliott ENOC 2014 - 8th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (Vienna/Austria) Talk 6/07/14
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer Principle D. Chiuchiù NiPS Summer School 2014 Talk 14/07/14
Role of conditional entropy in experimental tests of Landauer principle D. Chiuchiù; M. C. Diamantini; and L. Gammaitoni Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics 2015 Poster 27/07/15